10 December, 2016, 6 pm

Shama Khanna – An experiment in cinema in reverse


Rupert together with a curator Shama Khanna invites all to a screening of short films: “Öndivatbemutató” (“Self Fashion Show”) (1976) by Tibor Hajas, “Cilaos” (2016) by Camilo Restrepo and “Bunker Drama” (2015), by Mike Crane on December 10, from 6 pm in film theatre SKALVIJA. Curator has invited a small group of artists whom she met through her Rupert residency in Vilnius in 2015 to make a response to these films throughout the screening. Public will have the chance to watch the films and join the artists” discussion.   “Öndivatbemutató” (“Self Fashion Show”), 1976, 14 min. 30 sec. by Tibor Hajas (1946–1980, Hungary) was made for the Balázs Béla Stúdió in 1976. It captures passers-by on a busy square in the heart of Budapest….(read more)

24 November, 2016, 6:30 pm

”This time the rabbit looks down: Chocolate scrying”


Rupert invites you to a delicious performance ”This time the rabbit looks down: Chocolate scrying” by artist duo AnaSusana, proposed by Natalia Valencia on November 24, from 6:30 pm at the newly opened artist day care centre”Autarkia”, Naugarduko str. 41. Public is invited to take part in the performance by immersing themselves into a chocolate ritual. There is a limited amount of places for the workshop. Please register at info@rupert.lt until November 23. Every expression of life can be conceived as a kind of language: drink the chocolate and wait for the voice to give you clues about the traces. The marks left by the drink on the cup may become stories or actions: an interdimensional language that opens playful…(read more)

20 October, 6 pm

Travis Jeppesen: ‘Word’


Rupert is pleased to invite you to “Word“, an exhibition of new works by a writer and current artist-in-residence Travis Jeppesen. The opening will take place this Thursday, 20 October, at 6 pm at Rupert. For more than a decade, the young American novelist and poet Travis Jeppesen has been regarded as one of the more iconoclastic practitioners of literary art criticism in his essays, reviews, and hybrid texts. He is also known as the inventor of “object-oriented writing.” In 2014, he unveiled this new model of embodied writing-as-art practice at the Whitney Biennial with his audio installation 16 Sculptures, in which he re-created iconic and lesser known sculptural works from throughout the history of art in the medium of language,…(read more)