—Reading Room Session
28 July, 2016, 7pm

Reading Room Sessions: “On The East-West Slope”


Rupert and Unthinkable kindly invites you to the second collective Reading Room of upcoming Reading Room series, opening space for discussions around cultural, social and geopolitical issues and turns in Central and Eastern Europe. We are starting 7pm at VDA C1 auditorium on Malūnų str. 3, Thursday, July 28th. We will collectively explore Attila Melegh’s book “On the East-West Slope. Globalization, nationalism, racism and discourses on Central and Eastern Europe“ with main emphasis on Ch. 1.2. “Liberal utopia versus Orientalism and Coloniality (p. 19-40)”. The book offers a powerful analysis of the sociological and symbolic meanings of East-West binary in Europe after the end of the Cold War. A. Melegh exposes the underbelly of liberal characterizations of the East-West, highlighting…(read more)

24 July, 2016

Curatorial Traineeship (Paid)

(This entry is in Lithuanian only) Kuratorinė stažuotė (apmokama): asistuojantis koordinatorius  (6 mėnesiai, pilnas etatas) Paraiškos priimamos iki: liepos 24 d., vidurnakčio Darbo pradžia: š.m. rugpjūčio pradžia Rupert kviečia prie savo komandos prisijungti karjerą šiuolaikinio meno srityje pradedantį žmogų, siekiantį savo ateitį sieti su meno kuravimo, koordinavimo ar vadybos sritimis. Pozicija idealiai tinka studijas pastaraisiais metais baigusiam arba karjeros kryptį siekiančiam keisti žmogui. Šios šešių mėnesių stažuotės metu, artimai dirbdamas su Rupert kuratoriais ir koordinatoriais, atrinktas programos dalyvis susipažins su įvairiais meno, edukacijos ir rezidencijų centro programų aspektais, padės koordinuojant renginius, rezidentų atvykimą, rengiant sutartis, verčiant tekstus, dirbant su internetinio puslapio archyvu ir t.t., o taip pat programos laikotarpiu galės įgyvendinti savo inicijuotą projektą. Ankstesnė darbo patirtis (gali būti savanoriška)…(read more)

15 July, 2016, 8 pm


no escape for now

Rupert’s Educational program started a few months ago when Valentinas Klimašauskas brought all the programme participants to Liepkalnis skiing resort where plane spotters are watching planes and the house near Vilnius where Guantanamo prisoners were possibly held and tortured by CIA. These two places, or the combination of both, were good to begin. Other places and things were then observed, loved, freed, filmed, talked, shaped, ignored etc. by Jasmine, Vitalij, Anastasija, Viktorija, Jonas, Petras, Liudvikas, Justė, Maya, Jonas, Augustas, Ona, Jurga, amongst others. And those things will be swinging around using two channels and iOS exposé at Labdarių st. 3C, 20:00, 15 July. Source of sentence NO ESCAPE FOR NOW will also be revealed during the evening. For now, it’s…(read more)

30 June, 2016

Rupert’s New Publications Launched

Rupert is happy to present two new publications published this month as a part of the project “Double Bind”. ‘A Solid Injury to the Knees’ (Rupert, 2016) is an anthology of essays, short stories and speculations on depression’s percolation into politics and its fraught relationship to productivity. It is edited by writer and curator Maya Tounta and features contributions by Florian Cramer, Travis Jeppesen, Nina Power, Joshua Simon, and Marina Vishmidt. The book is presented alongside ‘Double Bind’, an exhibition catalogue documenting a larger project of the same title consisting of five exhibitions, a lecture series and a series of workshops produced by Rupert in collaboration with the The Living Art Museum (Iceland) and the Academy of Fine Art at Oslo National Academy…(read more)